Against the Grain

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BTL Brands – A small agency network with big ideas on how to activate brands in a new and better way. Here’s their insightful social manifesto.


Marketing? Branding? What’s the difference you say?


Marketing is your message, branding is what you are. Don’t get me wrong, they still go hand in hand but there are companies that are “upping their game” in terms of meaningful work. BTL Brands is one of them, an innovative team of creative designers putting more heart into what they do. They really express what they do well, bringing essential truth and value of an organisation, product, or service.


Be Authentic.


Check out this video: The Heart of Bruno Wizard – Punk Marketing from

Promotion video for the documentary film following the life of Bruno Wizard.  Once homeless and getting back on track, the installation helped raise awareness for the film.  Which was selected for the CBGB Festival in New York City.



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