The Most Popular Beer From Every 2014 World Cup Country


한국의 맥주는 대부분 드래프트 맥주이며, 홉 맛이 약한 맥주들이죠. 가끔씩 외국의 다른 맥주를 맛 보다 보면 새로운 맛에 놀라고는 합니다. 하지만, 익숙한 술이 제일인 것 같아요.

2014년 월드컵 국가들의 가장 유명한 맥주들을 소개하는 자료가 있네요.  올해 월드컵에는 좀 더 다양한 맥주와 함께 경기를 즐겨봐야 겠네요.

The World Cup begins in earnest tomorrow. Chances are, you’ve taken a look at the schedule already, and have begun making plans for the special games of which you’re going to duck out of the office and head either home or to a bar for a couple of cold ones. If you want to get thematic with the whole thing, we’ve got you covered. From Belgium’s dark-horse candidate Jupiler (many would expect Stella Artois) to Iran’s non-alcoholic Behnoush, these are the most popular (i.e. best-selling domestically) beers from each of the 32 World Cup countries.





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