iPad mini



iPad mini, pricey.

my happiness, priceless.





Danny and his obsession. Collecting Bearbricks.  He has 19…and counting.

He’s opens each box… Desperately hoping that no two are the same.

But there’s ALWAYS some that are the same. SIGH.


Q: Do you know what 5 days of unrelenting and stressful days of work does to someone?

A: Find the best-named restaurant ever, “No Stress Kitchen” and spend money.


That’s what Danny and I did on the weekend.

We had Italian with dessert and hopped across the street to our favorite coffee shop :)

We weren’t planning on it but Danny ended up buying a set of Bearbricks to add to his collection.

And then came the iPad… A belated birthday gift and my guilty pleasure.

Not only because it’s an Apple product and not only because it was a gift but that iPad is like a new place for me to spend time being creative.  And I’m in love with it!!!


Our weekend?



**Who decided that weekdays should consist of 5 whole days?  Why can’t weekends be that long???



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