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Everyone’s work relationship differs and in my case we work side by side. In fact, my significant other is my senior and work closely on the same projects and report back to each other. We also eat lunch together, leave work together, spend evenings and weekends being lazy…together. When I tell people that I work with my significant other, I get two reactions. Some are envious that I get to see the person I love for much of the day. But most people gasp in horror and the first thing they ask is if we fight a lot. We actually don’t argue that much at all, in fact, both of us are quite mature about issues that arise.


Spending time together.. lots of time together.  Just how much time you say Well, if you live together and you work on the same team/project then – 24hrs a day. I even sit next to him and we communicate throughout the day.



1.You get to see each other all the time which is good because you can check to see how they’re doing.

2.There is understanding when your significant other needs to vent about work. You know what is going on and why.

3.If the little things are important to you, you can show them love and care throughout the day.



1.Sometimes keeping home at home is more work than you think.  Living together and compromising takes effort.  Leaving home at home takes even more effort.  And let me tell you some days are easier than others.

2.Seeing each other a lot is great but too much of anything is a bad thing. Being together everyday can make the romance fade into routine over spontaneity.  Why?  The reason may be familiarity.  Which is great but sometimes triggers a “deadness” when left untreated.


Accepting professional criticism can make you feel angry and hurt. Criticism from your significant other in the workplace may cause a mix of negative emotions. Remember that work is work. Keep gender roles at the door because bottom line, respecting each other as equals in the workplace is a priority. You can always discuss emotional differences later outside of work. Saying less, really is more. Sometimes saying too much means getting ignored.


Balance. Being in good health isn’t just about proper nutrients and care for your body. It also refers to balance in life. Career and family often top the list in priorities but you also need exercise, spirituality, hobbies and free time to be a whole and healthy being. From time to time, I like to make a chart or list about what’s important to me.  Life takes on the meaning that you give it.


Whatever is easy, isn’t always right. It’s easy to vent your frustrations by yelling, ignoring, making sarcastic comments, dismissing every gesture that your partner is doing but choosing to handle situations this way will not make things better. Patience is one of those things where it’s completely the right thing to do but it’s so damn difficult. And just because I am writing this blog does not mean I’m a know-it-all about office romances or that I am doing fine. To be honest, when it’s great-it’s great. But there are more days that I feel that my patience is being tested to its limits. It’s not fun at all.  Ask yourself, “At the end of the day, am I willing?”  Willing to go through these hurdles together, willing to be patient, willing to compromise?


Nobody said it was going to be easy, but for some things it all seems worth it.




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