The ATC Real Time Remote Controller


VSTi로 띄워서 ATC-1이나 ATC-1X를 콘트롤 할 수 있게 하는 프로그램입니다. VSTi 처럼 써서 편하게 에디팅 할 수 있다는게 장점이네요.

Demo 버젼을 써봤는데, 패치의 제한이 있는듯 하지만, 소리를 만들때 참 편리하긴 합니다. 게다가 아르페지터가 추가되어있어서 그부분은 참 좋은듯 합니다.

사용하실 때 미디트랙을 두개를 만드셔야 합니다. 첫번째 미디트랙에는 Midi Output을  ATC Rc로 잡아서 하나 만드셔서 거기가 시퀀싱 하시면 되구요. 두번째 미디트랙을 만드셔서 Midi Input을 ATC Rc로 잡으신 뒤 Midi Output을 ATC-1이 연결된 Midi Output Port로 연결해주셔야 합니다. 그리고 두번째 미디트랙에 모니터링 버튼을 활성화 해주셔야 합니다. (구입 및 Demo 버젼 다운로드)

The ATC Real Time Remote Controller VSTi is the best companion to your ATC-1/ATC-X from Studio Electronics. The ATC is a great gear, but the membrane panel makes it one of the worst to program. With the ATC Real Time Remote Controller you can control your ATC in real time, in stand alone or embedded in your sequencer as a VSTi/RTAS plug-in

Warnings : The ATC uses midi messages only so, if you don’t have the latest O.S upgrade, some of its features will not work. Also the ATC midi implementation is not complete yet. All the MIDI / Keyboard features are not controllable from the MIDI, all the modulation routings (Target button) are not programmed in the latest OS (1.3 for the ATC-x). Let’s hope that SE will release a new O.S with more MIDI controls in the near future.

The key features of the VSTDEV ATC Remote controller  :

  1. All Studio Electronics ATC control changes can be programmed and changed in real time.

  2. Built in Arpeggiator with lot of new features.

  3. Programs are saved on the PC, no limits. Note that this is a real time controller, it does not handle Sysex, it is not a soundbank manager.

  4. Supports VSTi format and RTAS with the Fxpansion converter, and can be loaded in your favorite Host (Cubase, Fruity …)

This remote controler gives you new possibilities for using your ATC in live condition, and will enhance your productivity.

How to use the ATC Remote controller in stand alone?

Download and install the ATC Rc. Run it. In the device menu, set the input midi and output midi to your ATC gear. Be sure that the Channel in the Extras of the console is the same as your receive channel in your ATC. That’s it.

How to use ATC Remote Controller in Cubase or any VST host?

The ATC Rc is considered as a VSTi. So you have to create 2 midi tracks, one that will host the ATC Rc plugin and one that will record the buttons moves and control changes.

Load the ATC Rc and create the VSTi track. Now the ATC Rc midi input can be selected as midi input by the second midi track. This midi track will record the control changes.


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