Studio Electronics ATC-1 Patch+Panel v2


큐베이스나 누엔도에서 사용할 수 있는 ATC-1 미디스크립트 중 가장 강력한 스크립트인듯 합니다.

전에 소개 드렸던 VSTi 방식이 아닌 MIDI Devices에서 직접 사운드를 에디팅 할 수 있고, KYBD부와 Filter부는 트랙창에서도 바로 Panel로 열어서 수정할 수 있도록 되어있습니다.

I have two ATC-1s in 2 countries. The one I got here has the ”Rotary Dial not working” problem. I am a little lazy to fix it for the time being, because it involves ordering a £30 rotary encoder replacement.
So I built this panel to 1/ select patch names of the 512 programs and 2/ to control most of the parameters.
There is one problem tho… Some functions of the ATC-1 are not controlled by Midi CC#, they can be configured by SysEx, but they’re not individually documented. I took a look at the Sound Diver adaptation, the patch editing affects the whole patch, so at the moment, without the SysEx implementation details, I can’t add those extra functions in this panel, but I think it is ok good enuf for the time being ; )
Works on any of the 16 midi channels that is assigned in Cubase, the controls send Midi CC messages.


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