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30-something, living abroad, and marching to my own beat.

A few years ago, I made some decisions in my life that some would say are brave and some would call me downright crazy.

1. I quit my stable and perfectly fine job that would get me through life- no problem.

2. I moved… to another country, half way across the world to be exact.

3. I left everything behind, with the exception of four seasons worth of clothes, my loving family, dearest friends, amazing colleagues, my home, my nap time buddy-TJ(pet!), my junk, my bank account and whatever was left in it, and well.. the old me.

People have very different opinions about me: quiet, brave, cold, bright, sweet, strict, gloomy, etc.

Perhaps it’s because I’m a Gemini but they’re all right.  I have all those qualities and whole lot more in my “trunk of personalities”.

And so it begins, my adventure into the world of digital journaling about my life and its quirks.



With that, I leave you with a simple hello.







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