Steinberg Zero Downtime (SZDT)



Steinberg에서 USB-eLicenser의 분실이나 고장시 Downtime을 없앨 수 있게 새로운 Steinberg Zero Downtime 서비스를 시작하네요.

이 정책은 Steinberg 제품에만 적용되기 때문에 서드파티 라이센스는 불가능할 것 같습니다. Veangence 제품의 경우 eLicenser를 이용하는데 안될 것 같네요. 또한, Steinberg 자사의 일부 제품도 안된다고 합니다. (예:RND Portico 플러그인)

Ever since Steinberg introduced USB-eLicensers to protect its software, licenses have become an essential part of each product. In the past a lost or damaged USB-eLicenser could lead to production downtimes, especially when the support team couldn’t be reached in the evenings or on weekends. The new Steinberg Zero Downtime (SZDT) offers registered customers the possibility of avoiding downtime — all it takes is to download the temporary backup license and carefully follow the specified steps.


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