AKAI MPC3000 RAM 확장과 Zip Drive 설치

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1. RAM 용량 확인하기

mpc3000은 부트 때 ram용량이 표시되지 않기 때문에 몇초 동안 sampling 가능한지 확인해야합니다.

16MB 램이 mono로 188.4초입니다 Stereo는 94.2초이며, 32MB로 업그레이드 하면 mono 300초 가량 됩니다.


2. RAM 확장하기(32MB)

mpc3000의 RAM은 기본이 8MB입니다. 정식적인 최대 RAM 확장은 16MB지요. 하지만 32MB 까지 확장 가능합니다.

mpc3000은 30pin RAM을 사용합니다. RAM을 32메가로 업그레이드 하는 방법은 AKAI 전용RAM을 뺀 상태에서 일반 RAM slot에 16MB RAM 두개를 꼽는 것입니다. AKAI 전용 RAM slot에는 꼽지 않은 채로 말이죠.


램 구입할 수 있는 사이트

MPC3000에 내장 ZipDrive(집드라이브) 달기 – 출처:http://www.mpc3000.com/zip_install.htm


Replacing the floppy with a Zip drive
It is possible to the replace the MPC3000’s floppy drive with a SCSI Zip. Here’s an overview of what I did:
First, I bought these two items from Ram Electronics:



The left is an external-internal convertor, the right is a 25pin male-25pin male gender changer.

Next I mounted convertor to the infernal support of the MPC:




I removed the floppy drive:




Next I installed the parts and turned the MPC’s SCSI connector to the inside and blanked the hole in the back:




The final product:




Works like a charm and the MPC doesn’t even miss the floppy.
I recently did an expansion in the MPC to include a SCSI laptop drive. Laptop drives are small and pull little power:




The drive is a commonly found Toshiba SCSI 543 Meg laptop (2.5″) drive. The adapter is a simple $11 convertor which I have found only one source, DD&TT, phone (323)780-0099, part# DT327S. I mounted the drive by drilling two holes in the bottom the MPC putting screws through to secure the drive.
The termination turned out strange. The only way I could get the contraption to work is if the Zip drive was terminated, which is in the middle of the chain. Go figure.



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